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The manufacturing industry is striving to boost productivity and to improve quality. Although the use of high-end multi-functional machines is one of its solutions, flexible systems that leverage production data are required to satisfy diverse consumer needs by optimizing manufacturing processes. Omron industrial automation enables faster adaptability of the small-middle size machines to a flexible production line as a key for the next manufacturing processes. With this principle in mind we extended the Sysmac Machine Control portfolio with the NX1 Machine Controller.



















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We would like to inform you that our premises will be closed from 24th December 2014 till the 4th January 2015.


aim xmas

Wishing you every happiness this holiday season and through out the coming year.

May you be blessed with laughter, peace, and love. 

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New G2RV relay

Designed for intelligent automation in the Smart Factory of the future – we have taken the G2RV industrial relay series to the next level. This new addition to the G2RV series of relays has a patented lockable test-switch mechanism that enables operators and engineers to test the functionality of a panel, machine or system, or to simulate an actuator when one or more modules are offline or have been removed.

This amazing product was built offering various features that makes work easier and more reliable. These features include:

Smart Construction

Broad, flat blade terminals ensure good unbend-able connections for up to 6A switching. At only 6mm wide, space required for multiple contacts is reduced.

Operation indicators

Operation indicators for both coil (green LED on base) and contact (red mechanical flag in relay) reduce potential down time by instantaneously showing the relay is operating correctly.


The quick release mechanism ensures the relay is lifted clear of surrounding relays making replacement quick and easy. No tools are required to hold or ‘pull’ the relay from the socket.
The test-switch has a rotating protection cover to prevent accidental operation, and also to enable operators to see that the switch is protected when viewed from a distance – in, for example, a hazardous environment.
New G2RV relay action
This amazing feature is found on relays rating up to 36vDC or 30vAC for the time being as displayed below.
relay availablity
These items are available at our Stores
Aim Entrprises
54, Paola Hill,
Paola, PLA 1706,
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Mega 25% Discount 

For the month of October we are offering a 25% discount on New Bottarini 24 liter Compressors and 6 liter compressors.



Click on the link below for product specification


For more information visit our store at

54, Paola Hill,

Paola, PLA 1706,



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Special Offer on Mikalor hose clips

Special Offer on Mikalor hose clips

Product Description

With the aim of providing you with the hose clip which most adequately suits your needs, we have developed a wide range of hose clip assortment boxes. The different diameters of clip are arranged in individual compartments, making it easy to find the appropriate size. The sturdy plastic case is also very convenient for transporting the product. All assortment boxes include a flexible hex-socket screwdriver which can be used to torque up Mikalor worm-drive clips in all sorts of application zones.

Assortment consists of :

Range / Band                                       Quantity

50-70 / 12mm                                       6

40-60 / 12mm                                       8

32-50 / 12mm                                       10

25-40 / 12mm                                       10

20-32 / 12mm                                       15

16-27 / 12mm                                       20

12- 22/ 12mm                                       60

08-16 / 12mm                                       75

Flexible driver                                   1


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Students at post-Secondary education institutions require support in their studies, this is why AIM Enterprises strives to help organisations and individuals which show perseverance and interest in the field of automation technology. We have teamed up with MESO (MCAST Engineering Student Organisation) to support them and help them build a reputable organisation for the MCAST Engineering Students. During this launch we had a chance to showcase part of what we can provide to students and industry.