Various tube materials - metric & imperial diameters

Flexible, rigid & semi-rigid - cut to the required length

Company Profile

Founded in 2001 by Angelo and Isabella Mifsud, AIM Enterprises Ltd is a family run business which has built an impeccable reputation for specializing in solutions for the automation industry, from engineered systems to standard components.

Our service is known for its reliability to provide innovative alternatives to traditional connection methods, using our vast experience, strong technical and engineering skills.

In order to survive in the increasingly competitive market we adopt management philosophies of continuous productivity and quality improvement. Together with our subsidiary firm, we can offer R&D (Research and Development) related services to the manufacturing industry by assisting in Product Development be it Electronic Development or Mechanical Development:

  • Electronic Design
  • Mechanical Design
  • Automation
  • Production and Testing jigs
  • Repair or refurbishment of Industrial machinery
  • Manufacturing on small scale
  • Other ancillary R&D services

More About us ...

What are our Objectives?
We want to have an active role by providing our customers excellent pre-sales consultancy & guarantee after sales service, provide extremely competitive prices and prompt deliveries.

Our major concern is and will always be, to strengthen our customers' competitiveness by distributing products that compare well in terms of price & quality.
Why Choose Us?
When comparing our capabilities and proposed solution to that of competitors, the benefits of choosing AIM Enterprises are:

- High Reliability
- Cost Saving
- We are specialists in the Automation sector
- We work with you in partnership and take time to understand your business
- We tailor our service to suite your needs
- We can support you through all aspects in Mechanical/Electrical Engineering
- We can provide support for the Service

Mission Statement

The company’s mission is to pursue excellence, spirit of collaboration and ability to define problems and accomplish our customers’ goals.

We believe the best way to succeed is to focus on our customers’ needs and exceed their expectations. Selling to professionals requires a commitment to understanding problems, paying attention to details, and building relationships based on honesty and trust.

We do whatever we can to strengthen our customers' competitiveness on the market:

• Focus on clients optimization in doing more with less
• Provide an array of services and technical support

Our Partners

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  • Bottarini
  • IGUS
  • SMC
  • Baumer
  • Omron
  • Mebra
  • Tierre Group
  • Digimax
  • Schneeberger
  • Stima
  • SMAC
  • Kiowa
  • Parker
  • Legris
  • Mikalor
  • EWO
  • Net.fluid
  • Murr
  • Airex
  • JORC
  • TST
  • AECO
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